Fetch Pet Care of Marin and Sonoma County’s Employee Lora Lusher Tweets Constant Hate as @handtoforehead on Twitter

@sintaluna4u2c @MY_2BCOLLIES @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Oh dear — was 2dogs trying to groom Aaliyah? She always goes after young girls! Mon Oct 20 21:17:31 +0000 2014
@bitemeaholesFU @finndango Agreed. All the thugs and wannabe thugs are classic ISIS types. Bet ISIS harasses women online, too. Mon Oct 20 21:16:12 +0000 2014
@sintaluna4u2c @finndango @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 I don’t know about Kate sending a C&D to BV & his thugs, but that would be hilarious Mon Oct 20 21:14:58 +0000 2014
@bitemeaholesFU @finndango He’s always trying to ‘break in’ to the thug club, but even they – the scum of the earth – brush him off. Mon Oct 20 21:12:39 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @Sassccha @TootyTa @mscatie @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Oh yes…she thought they’d go on forever and didn’t respect those ppl Mon Oct 20 21:10:27 +0000 2014
@bitemeaholesFU @finndango I can’t tweet what condition he looks like he has, but I’m sure you know what I mean Mon Oct 20 21:09:25 +0000 2014
@Scrawnburke @finndango @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @sonomasheriff I’m not about wasting time talking to scrawny little boys. Away with you! Mon Oct 20 21:08:24 +0000 2014
@Scrawnburke @finndango @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @sonomasheriff Oooohhhh you’re a tough guy. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Mon Oct 20 21:05:32 +0000 2014
@Scrawnburke @finndango @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack And buy yourself a dictionary. Mon Oct 20 21:04:17 +0000 2014
@Scrawnburke @finndango @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack You’re not scary. Go back to Mommy’s basement. Mon Oct 20 21:03:03 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @Sassccha @TootyTa @mscatie @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 She’d have to travel far to find a church she hasn’t already robbed Mon Oct 20 20:56:40 +0000 2014
@Aaliyah_Herb Good to hear. Hope he’s feeling better. @Kateplusmy8 Mon Oct 20 20:55:11 +0000 2014
RT @Aaliyah_Herb: Surgery went well late last night, 2 broken bones, dislocated ankle, keep him in your prayers❤️ Mon Oct 20 20:54:40 +0000 2014
@A1ouette @SharnaPax @TwitTartwif @SockieWhodunit @PietheNoot There’s a video of the scooter/bike leaving just b4 Kate hits the finish line Mon Oct 20 20:38:11 +0000 2014
Kate trying to impose herself on injured kid is “commendable” Us trying to defend obviously abused, exploited G8’s is BAD. Idiots. Mon Oct 20 19:53:21 +0000 2014
RT @HarryTNacious: @sintaluna4u2c @Sassccha @mscatie @ConcernedChick @Kateplusmy8 @IRSnews should be doing a full audit on her “investments… Mon Oct 20 19:32:28 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 @skyzone Did @skyzone ASK for Kate’s help? She & crew only caused more anguish for this child. Told … Mon Oct 20 19:31:49 +0000 2014
@GeeWhiz__ @MiloandJack Give up, LiarLiar. You’ve been spewing that same old lie about us for years. Provide proof or STFU. Mon Oct 20 19:28:24 +0000 2014
@Scrawnburke @finndango @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Why do you care? What else do you do on twitter but stalk women? Mon Oct 20 19:27:12 +0000 2014
@A1ouette @TwitTartwif @SockieWhodunit @PietheNoot She neglected to add that it was also her LAST 26.2 Mon Oct 20 07:44:32 +0000 2014
@finndango @mscatie @rockets2mars @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 I laughed at that, too. God, she’s dumber than a turd. Mon Oct 20 05:11:27 +0000 2014
@finndango @cocoacoffee1962 @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Yeah….they talked about how to destroy as many mothers and grandmothers as poss Mon Oct 20 05:08:57 +0000 2014
@BarbaraJean_s Wonder how many “wardrobe malfunctions” Kate had. Mon Oct 20 04:59:45 +0000 2014
RT @BarbaraJean_s: Wow Kate Gosselin seen jumping at Skyzone with all her kids – like that’s really gonna happen without cameras & a payche… Mon Oct 20 04:59:18 +0000 2014
@cocoacoffee1962 @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Kate’s license expires 10/31/15. James McGibney’s birthday. How sweet! Mon Oct 20 04:48:35 +0000 2014
@cocoacoffee1962 @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Interestingly, I remember it was October when she updated it. It’s public record. Mon Oct 20 04:40:11 +0000 2014
RT @cocoacoffee1962: @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 She sat on her A flipping thru furn. catalog store while son was impacted screaming & force… Mon Oct 20 04:39:37 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @Shortnsaszy @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 You’ve missed the whole point. Cameras should have NEVER been pointed at this child. S… Mon Oct 20 04:39:29 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @cocoacoffee1962 @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 I doubt he/his parents would sign waiver to televise. Witness said Kate/cameras to… Mon Oct 20 04:39:22 +0000 2014
RT @BarbaraJean_s: @MiloandJack @Iovinglife12345 @Kateplusmy8 Oh please – she accused @Aaliyah_Herb of not being truthful – Kate Gosselin i… Mon Oct 20 04:39:04 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango @TLC Poor kid probably felt like vomiting and crying and here’s Kate filming him! Mon Oct 20 04:38:24 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango @TLC Oh yes…Katie loves those vomit shows. Mon Oct 20 04:37:46 +0000 2014
@finndango @mscatie @rockets2mars @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 I find it hard to believe that any of these fools have ever left their homes. Mon Oct 20 04:19:58 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarrieBucci @mscatie @ConcernedChick @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 haha “potted” definitely. Mon Oct 20 04:17:41 +0000 2014
@finndango @rockets2mars @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 Yep! Huge liability must be protected Mon Oct 20 04:17:06 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango @TLC Poor kid, Kate caused him more trauma and stress for her own selish ends Mon Oct 20 04:16:35 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango @TLC Yes! And would be focused on whether they were helping or hindering! Mon Oct 20 04:15:38 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 Milo is one of those wackos who will go postal one day and kill everyone for not appreciating her. Mon Oct 20 04:14:11 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @mscatie @lovemedietcoke @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango Yep….bet she created a danger Mon Oct 20 04:09:22 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 Yep. Like Milo bitching that ppl on the on-ramps don’t send her thank-you cards for letting them in Mon Oct 20 04:08:11 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango @TLC A “real” mother would be concerned about the kid’s comfort — NOT a TV show Mon Oct 20 04:07:04 +0000 2014
@cocoacoffee1962 @Kateplusmy8 I wonder if she abused the operator again like she tortured poor Brad. Mon Oct 20 03:56:46 +0000 2014
RT @cocoacoffee1962: @Kateplusmy8 SkyZone filming again? DULL, SO FREAKING DULL! Lunch at catering truck, did U throwDown UR Hot Dog &cry … Mon Oct 20 03:56:24 +0000 2014
@finndango @rockets2mars @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 Of course they have video cameras! Their ins wouldn’t let them operate without them! Mon Oct 20 03:55:55 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarrieBucci @mscatie @ConcernedChick @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 haha Well, aren’t they plants? Mon Oct 20 03:53:23 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 Yes. How arrogant of her to assume she has more medical training than anyone else. Mon Oct 20 03:43:25 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango I can just see Kate pushing herself into the scene & stressing out the poor kid Mon Oct 20 03:41:01 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 The kid is lying there with a broken ankle and Kate & her fans think he should be focused on her. Mon Oct 20 03:38:24 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 That’s their mentality — if there’s nothing in it for them, don’t bother helping anyone Mon Oct 20 03:37:05 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @lovemedietcoke @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango Kate probably shoved the first aid trained ppl out of the way Mon Oct 20 03:23:45 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @lovemedietcoke @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango Imagine your child in agonizing pain & ppl shoving cameras in your face Mon Oct 20 03:22:13 +0000 2014
@rockets2mars @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb They’re desperate for anything to film that anyone will watch. She’s such a zero Mon Oct 20 03:20:56 +0000 2014
RT @finndango: @CarrieBucci @allsixes @mscatie @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 That sixes person is a James McGibney th… Mon Oct 20 03:20:08 +0000 2014
@finndango @CarrieBucci @allsixes @mscatie @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 Yes, definitely a thug-plant. Mon Oct 20 03:20:00 +0000 2014
@mscatie Yep, “All men cheat” ….man hater, like all of them. Mon Oct 20 03:15:18 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @lovemedietcoke @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango Possibly. Depending on what Kate did, they might also be able to sue her Mon Oct 20 03:14:05 +0000 2014
@mscatie Only a sheep who feared being outed would know to do that Mon Oct 20 03:13:15 +0000 2014
@mscatie She’s deleting. I happened to get them before she did. Mon Oct 20 03:11:39 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb What is “not true”? Was the kid filmed? Did you want to put him in your show? Mon Oct 20 03:10:23 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @lovemedietcoke @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango They must — the liability is too great for their ins to condone Mon Oct 20 03:08:37 +0000 2014
@mscatie @GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack “GoodKrenda” seems to have several issues of her own: http://t.co/rmYBWvAcAs Mon Oct 20 03:07:30 +0000 2014
@lovemedietcoke @finndango @bitemeaholesFU @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Of course she wouldn’t — she couldn’t even remove Jon’s staples!! Mon Oct 20 03:06:21 +0000 2014
RT @lovemedietcoke: @HandToForehead @finndango @bitemeaholesFU @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 she is never wrong!EVER!if there was no camera she… Mon Oct 20 03:05:46 +0000 2014
@rockets2mars @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb If he’s under 18, I’m sure they did. Kate could learn something from their values Mon Oct 20 03:05:10 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @lovemedietcoke @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @finndango I hope they’re thinking about contacting TLC about Kate’s behavior Mon Oct 20 03:04:13 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Look what she tweeted just yesterday…changes her mind a lot http://t.co/Uu61h0vMe6 Mon Oct 20 02:59:13 +0000 2014
@rockets2mars @luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity I love the music videos. haha Mon Oct 20 02:53:53 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack She’s a sheeple sock. Mon Oct 20 02:53:26 +0000 2014
@GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Why are you reading my timeline? LOL You’re a lousy actress..baaa baaaa baaaa Mon Oct 20 02:52:29 +0000 2014
@lovemedietcoke @finndango @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Kate must hate that kid for depriving her of that scene. Mon Oct 20 02:50:29 +0000 2014
@finndango @bitemeaholesFU @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Bizarre that a 40 y/o woman can’t just say, “I’m sorry” — She HAS to attack and kill Mon Oct 20 02:49:20 +0000 2014
@GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Please enlighten us with your brilliance — tell us who here has, or has not, ever been bullied Mon Oct 20 02:47:59 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb A broken ankle requires a doctor, not an incompetent RN who did the fast-food certification route 20 yrs ago Mon Oct 20 02:45:48 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @finndango @Jen_X_Infinity So I hear. LOLOLOL Mon Oct 20 02:42:50 +0000 2014
@GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Defending a child from a bully is not negative in my estimation. Apparently you think it is. Mon Oct 20 02:39:57 +0000 2014
RT @CarrieBucci: @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 This woman has earned no respect no matter how old. Thx 4 finally calling her on it tho. More p… Mon Oct 20 02:38:52 +0000 2014
RT @CarrieBucci: @MiloandJack @Iovinglife12345 @Kateplusmy8 Maybe because she is a chronic liar?? Mon Oct 20 02:38:42 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Don’t worry. You are believed by more people than you know. Take good care of your friend. He’ll ne… Mon Oct 20 02:38:36 +0000 2014
RT @hockeymom9598: @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 don’t keep ur tongue tied, 8 kids are being forced to work & cameras in their face, time for… Mon Oct 20 02:38:21 +0000 2014
RT @CarrieBucci: @Iovinglife12345 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 She was being filmed, DA. She will do anthing 4 ratings. She has nvr helped any… Mon Oct 20 02:38:03 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @allsixes @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 Look again. 1hr ago “Hoping your friend will be ok & has a speedy… Mon Oct 20 02:37:51 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @allsixes @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 Good. Only interested in logical debate, not blind loyalty. Have … Mon Oct 20 02:36:32 +0000 2014
RT @CarrieBucci: @allsixes @mscatie @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 I haven’t seen u ask how the friend is. Mon Oct 20 02:36:22 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @CarrieBucci @allsixes @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 LOL I noticed that, too. Guess she’d rather bash us than exp… Mon Oct 20 02:36:00 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb How dare you call this child a liar. Mon Oct 20 02:35:40 +0000 2014
@GoodKrenda @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack “Bullying” is Kate Gosselin’s favorite word. She’s always claiming that people are bullying her Mon Oct 20 02:34:45 +0000 2014
RT @TwitTartwif: @Aaliyah_Herb @kateplusmy8 You have been very respectful.. Telling the truth & expressing YOUR feelings on any situation … Mon Oct 20 02:33:22 +0000 2014
@mscatie @ConcernedChick @allsixes @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 Kate will attack anyone who tells the truth about her — even a child! Mon Oct 20 02:16:21 +0000 2014
RT @Chablis4u: @allsixes @ConcernedChick @Kateplusmy8 sounds like this girl+friend had a bad experience and isn’t the usual Kate hater. Sou… Mon Oct 20 02:15:42 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 I’ll second that! It’s good to see you stand up for yourself and your frien… Mon Oct 20 02:15:24 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I Saw This Dog. But Nothing Could Prepare Me For The End. http://t.co/01TBm1OdXB Mon Oct 20 02:14:37 +0000 2014
@Chablis4u @TwitTartwif @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @Aaliyah_Herb Even Kate’s kids said she was lying about having a broken foot. Mon Oct 20 02:08:20 +0000 2014
RT @lovemedietcoke: @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 interesting she showed up for this but not when ur mother was sick.Not a friend. Only looking… Mon Oct 20 02:07:48 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack You’re a psychopathic liar. Mon Oct 20 02:04:37 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack Kate has never accepted the fact that she’s no longer in that small pond where she could lie Mon Oct 20 02:03:27 +0000 2014
@Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Your parents must be very proud of you. You’re a good person. Mon Oct 20 02:02:26 +0000 2014
RT @Aaliyah_Herb: @Kateplusmy8 m’am I respect my elders, so I’m gonna keep my tongue tied but let’s get one thing straight everything you s… Mon Oct 20 02:01:42 +0000 2014
@lovemedietcoke @MiloandJack @Iovinglife12345 @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 did RN Kate help Jon with his “noisy” breathing? Or just bitch? Mon Oct 20 02:00:58 +0000 2014
@mscatie @allsixes @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 So will I. Mon Oct 20 01:59:54 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @allsixes @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @PRFANS @Kateplusmy8 No, Kate is NOT the only one. And I’ll believe this young girl be… Mon Oct 20 01:59:35 +0000 2014
RT @luvinglife1979: @HandToForehead I know she does. She’s trying to play innocent when she’s got the filthiest hands around… Mon Oct 20 01:59:05 +0000 2014
RT @luvinglife1979: @finndango @HandToForehead @Jen_X_Infinity that’s probably her. She’s dressed up to pick up her husband from the airport Mon Oct 20 01:58:41 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack She can’t ever escape people who tell the truth Mon Oct 20 01:56:39 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack She doesn’t have BV & his thugs to do her bullying for her anymore, but she knows how to bully kids Mon Oct 20 01:52:02 +0000 2014
RT @TwitTartwif: @Kateplusmy8 @miloandjack Wow! You are actually bullying a young girl? On twitter. Who’s the bully now? Mon Oct 20 01:51:09 +0000 2014
RT @lovemedietcoke: @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 this girl has no reason 2 lie.. As opposed 2 kg who lies all the time!!! We know who is telli… Mon Oct 20 01:50:54 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @CarleneMarie_1 @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb Good Grief — can Carlene get any stupider? Mon Oct 20 01:50:19 +0000 2014
RT @8MindBodySoul: @MiloandJack, @Kateplusmy8 is trying2do spin control&failing badly. She is using U,btw.Girl has no reason2lie.Kate tryin… Mon Oct 20 01:49:08 +0000 2014
RT @CarrieBucci: @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Just like the good old days? When she was 1/2 relevant? Anythng 4 attention rght Milo? Doesnt ma… Mon Oct 20 01:48:53 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack How do you know no one else had a medical background? Did you ask for their credentials? Mon Oct 20 01:48:20 +0000 2014
@BarbaraJean_s @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Shoka would have had a better life in the kennel Mon Oct 20 01:46:57 +0000 2014
RT @cocoacoffee1962: @Kateplusmy8 Really, are you serious? U love Shoka/Nala? U got rid of Nala when U realized she was going 2 fight back … Mon Oct 20 01:45:30 +0000 2014
RT @cocoacoffee1962: @Kateplusmy8 U love Shoka? What about the day you let Shoka/Nala get out of the gate while U were driving & U let them… Mon Oct 20 01:45:24 +0000 2014
RT @cocoacoffee1962: @Kateplusmy8 U love Shoka? U let Shoka/Nala get out in2 the rd & U took off Was U wanting early Bday present 4 UR self… Mon Oct 20 01:45:18 +0000 2014
@finndango @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Oh, I hope she calls BV….he’s now @Cheaterville, Milo Mon Oct 20 01:45:07 +0000 2014
RT @finndango: @MiloandJack Oh @Kateplusmy8 “won’t tolerate this” ? She gonna call bullyville??! SHE put them out there for sicko fanatic… Mon Oct 20 01:44:30 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: Well it took awhile #kateplusmy8 but I am finally gonna out milo! http://t.co/yrMPoQDPQ1 Mon Oct 20 01:44:08 +0000 2014
RT @CarrieBucci: @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb BS she does nothing unless there is something in it for herself. Mon Oct 20 01:42:55 +0000 2014
RT @finndango: @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 so she could justify why she was so rude and badly behaved? Because of “fear”? Mon Oct 20 01:42:48 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb Oh, that’s rich! Not everyone wants to have their pain filmed. Mon Oct 20 01:42:39 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 So you’re calling this witness a liar too? Not at all surprised. Why attack a young girl? Shame on y… Mon Oct 20 01:42:35 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb As usual you are a lying sack of shit kate. U jumped on this to save your flat ass Mon Oct 20 01:42:26 +0000 2014
RT @finndango: @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb Shame on you!! Mon Oct 20 01:42:21 +0000 2014
@bitemeaholesFU @CarleneMarie_1 @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb Carlene was never a teacher. She was a grocery store clerk. Mon Oct 20 01:41:51 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: @CarleneMarie_1 @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb wow and you used to b a teacher? You heartless POS Mon Oct 20 01:41:28 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @CarleneMarie_1 @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb What did Kate do that no one else did to comfort this child? Mon Oct 20 01:41:18 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @Aaliyah_Herb this is priceless. The queen bitch of lying is calling a young girl a liar. U r… Mon Oct 20 01:41:13 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @ConcernedChick @Aaliyah_Herb @Kateplusmy8 Sounds like someone told Kate to get lost. Hopefully it was Skyzone mgmt. Mon Oct 20 01:41:05 +0000 2014
RT @Aaliyah_Herb: @Kateplusmy8 yes m’am that’s why 2 of your daughters went to the bathroom saying that he was their best friend Mon Oct 20 01:40:40 +0000 2014
RT @Aaliyah_Herb: @Kateplusmy8 and that’s also why your producers were video taping ever second of his pain until you got yelled at to go a… Mon Oct 20 01:40:12 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @Aaliyah_Herb Sounds like you wanted to be filmed helping injured child to make for good TV but glad… Mon Oct 20 01:39:45 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: @tkgun73 @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @Aaliyah_Herb wow kate it seems are ur fans are heartless cunts. Guess u all swarm t… Mon Oct 20 01:39:34 +0000 2014
@BarbGilmer @Kateplusmy8 Yeah “editing” like what child porn addict Bill Blankenship did with the Gosselin kids’ nude films. Mon Oct 20 01:39:15 +0000 2014
RT @TwitTartwif: @CarleneMarie_1 @mscatie @kateplusmy8 @aaliyah_herb Think about it If she helped this girl would’ve Tweeted a Thank you. Mon Oct 20 01:38:28 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb Kate you are a liar. Be honest for ONCE in your life. Mon Oct 20 01:38:07 +0000 2014
RT @mscatie: @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb OMG Even an idiot can see if a camera is pointed at them! Did Kate say “turn it off!” … Mon Oct 20 01:37:21 +0000 2014
RT @bitemeaholesFU: @CarleneMarie_1 @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @Aaliyah_Herb Why would kate help another child? She lets her suffer a lot. She’s… Mon Oct 20 01:37:12 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack More deflection, denial and lies from a shameful liar. Mon Oct 20 01:36:20 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @mscatie @Kateplusmy8 @MiloandJack @Aaliyah_Herb IIRC …Jon took her to the dr b/c kate made her wait until his custody day Mon Oct 20 01:33:45 +0000 2014
@finndango @luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity Maybe it’s Capo? lol Mon Oct 20 01:05:07 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @finndango @Jen_X_Infinity I’m sure that’s why he stays away as much as possible. She is a beast. Mon Oct 20 01:04:09 +0000 2014
@rockets2mars @luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity Definitely. It was even laughed at then. lol Mon Oct 20 01:03:18 +0000 2014
@Aaliyah_Herb @SockieWhodunit @Kateplusmy8 Kate allowed a convicted child molestor to edit naked video of her kids. Mon Oct 20 01:01:57 +0000 2014
@Aaliyah_Herb @SockieWhodunit @Kateplusmy8 That is shameful. I hope he sues her Mon Oct 20 01:01:05 +0000 2014
RT @Aaliyah_Herb: Let me just say, @Kateplusmy8 is disgusting, she filmed my friend breaking his ankle at skyzone and wants to put it in he… Mon Oct 20 01:00:43 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @finndango @Jen_X_Infinity haha No wonder he never wants to have sex with her. Sun Oct 19 23:08:13 +0000 2014
@finndango @luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity Wonder if Rammie knows how she spent the past week? Sun Oct 19 23:05:09 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity It’s a man’s bracelet. And even gaudy for a man. Sun Oct 19 23:00:58 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity What is it with these Kate hags and their pimp jewelry? LOL Sun Oct 19 22:40:32 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity Not a woman’s for sure. I have a mesh bracelet like that, but it’s delicate and feminine. Sun Oct 19 22:38:41 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @Jen_X_Infinity Yawn. She has no sophistication at all. Conspicuous materialism reveals a deprived upbringing. Sun Oct 19 22:26:07 +0000 2014
RT @Jen_X_Infinity: Seems like Carolyne got her hands slapped….or her meds filled! We’ll see how long it lasts. At least her kids should … Sun Oct 19 22:21:34 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @A1ouette @SockieWhodunit @PietheNoot Damn…look at her jawline — she’s a man. Sun Oct 19 21:40:47 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @A1ouette @SockieWhodunit @PietheNoot She’s made up entirely of plastic parts, so maybe that’s why she doesn’t look tired. Sun Oct 19 21:39:56 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 She’s pathetic. Sun Oct 19 21:32:28 +0000 2014
@HarryTNacious @HirokoTabuchi Thanks for retweeting that article — it’s wonderful. Sun Oct 19 21:27:43 +0000 2014
RT @HirokoTabuchi: To Siri, With Love http://t.co/Yzt779Mm8z How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.’s With Apple’s Siri. Fascinating. Sun Oct 19 21:27:07 +0000 2014
RT @mettawordlife83: Missing in #Ferguson: Help bring 13-year-old Diamond Wright home. Everyone who supports the movement please Share/RT. … Sun Oct 19 21:13:53 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @PietheNoot They do the same thing to us, but they deny having done it. No guts. Sun Oct 19 21:04:04 +0000 2014
RT @theinquisitr: ‘Not Even Animals Do This’: ISIS Beheads Man With Down’s Syndrome, Attacks With White Phosphorus – http://t.co/61q9Y5L0R… Sun Oct 19 21:02:52 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 That many generations of inbreeding causes all kinds of defects, physical, intellectual and moral. Sun Oct 19 21:01:57 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 Agreed. She’s one of the most evil of all. Sun Oct 19 20:58:04 +0000 2014
RT @JohnFugelsang: Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow says Obama wants Americans to die of Ebola, which explains why he tried so hard to get them al… Sun Oct 19 20:57:20 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 Ziggy neglected to reveal that she has a link on her site to BV’s picture of ECJ’s son. No clean hands there. Sun Oct 19 20:56:35 +0000 2014
@PietheNoot @TwitTartwif If you block them, then unblock them, they won’t be following you anymore & they won’t know unless they check. Sun Oct 19 20:39:13 +0000 2014
@A1ouette @PietheNoot The audience didn’t know whether to clap or not. lol That guy deserves a Grace Under Pressure award. Sun Oct 19 06:54:49 +0000 2014
RT @FreeArturo2: ROAR 4 #ARTURO 53,930 #SIGNATURES to 1 MILLION http://t.co/knlhcIIyCJ sign #RT #Storm4Arturo http://t.co/kzBo7dsKlU Sat Oct 18 19:05:01 +0000 2014
RT @DrTomMartinPhD: WHY VOTE? These Kids Were MURDERED For Registering Voters. JUST Registering! YOU VOTE GOD DAMN IT! VOTE! #NERDLAND http… Sat Oct 18 19:01:06 +0000 2014
@A1ouette I hope Twitter is watching his account. Very suspect. Sat Oct 18 06:26:58 +0000 2014
@A1ouette @finndango @luvinglife1979 She does. Sat Oct 18 06:26:01 +0000 2014
@SockieWhodunit @luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha I kind of wanted it to stay a secret a little longer, but it had a good run. Sat Oct 18 05:45:33 +0000 2014
@SockieWhodunit @luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha Oh yeah. seems like doesn’t have any pull with IW. Maybe Lisa can help her out there Sat Oct 18 05:24:28 +0000 2014
@SockieWhodunit @luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha I wonder if she even knows how stupid she proved herself to be? Sat Oct 18 05:07:33 +0000 2014
@SockieWhodunit @luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha HAHA Revealing that the IW duped them into calling for them. Sat Oct 18 04:49:47 +0000 2014
@PatriciaChow1 @GeeWhiz__ <—- Is paranoid that everyone is lying all the time. Sat Oct 18 04:46:07 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 You’re right! Neither of them could give a rational reason for their attacks on Jen Sat Oct 18 03:51:22 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 They were both thrown by the question; never thought they’d be asked to justify it Sat Oct 18 03:48:00 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 Greg kept asking them “Why are you doing this?” Neither had a rational answer. Sat Oct 18 03:24:22 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 I was impressed by Greg Evans’s civility when he knew they were lying to him Sat Oct 18 03:22:18 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 YES! Capo did the same thing…circular arguments….with no logical course Sat Oct 18 03:19:14 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 She’s so into her insane lies that she sounds like she actually believes them. Sat Oct 18 03:17:34 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @TwitTartwif @Sassccha @Iovinglife12345 I’m re-listening to Loving feeding false info to Greg Evans. He challenged her lies Sat Oct 18 03:10:08 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @finndango He called her and Ramesh “stupid” in his calls to Greg Evans, so that makes twice now. lol Sat Oct 18 03:06:22 +0000 2014
@finndango @luvinglife1979 @A1ouette We don’t like Renae because of what she herself said and did on Twitter — not b/c of Ziggy. Sat Oct 18 03:02:44 +0000 2014
@A1ouette Standard pedophile excuse. He’s not fooling anyone but other pedophiles. Sat Oct 18 03:01:21 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @finndango Did Capo call CJ stupid again? HAHA Sounds like he’s trying to give her a hint. Sat Oct 18 03:00:04 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @luvinglife1979 @Sassccha lovingLife. Fri Oct 17 22:21:39 +0000 2014
@luvinglife1979 @Sassccha @TwitTartwif I almost felt embarrassed for her. That recording will haunt her forever. Fri Oct 17 22:13:27 +0000 2014
RT @luvinglife1979: @HandToForehead @Sassccha @TwitTartwif I’ll never forget the way she sounded in that phonecall. Canada must be ashamed. Fri Oct 17 22:12:57 +0000 2014
@Sassccha @TwitTartwif @luvinglife1979 I agree with you! They were never taught, or shown by example, to respect themselves. Pathetic. Fri Oct 17 10:23:40 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @luvinglife1979 @finndango @aprilwerling Beautiful! Fri Oct 17 02:34:04 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @luvinglife1979 @Sassccha @SockieWhodunit What astonishes me is that they have absolutely no self-respect. Zero. Fri Oct 17 02:33:20 +0000 2014
@AlfredoCocozza @TwitTartwif @finndango Remember when Registered Nurse Kate thought Crawfish Boils were a disease? http://t.co/LNPJLbc9Rq Thu Oct 16 06:13:59 +0000 2014
@TwitTartwif @Kateplusmy8 Oh…makes sense…she thinks everything should be designed for her convenience. Thu Oct 16 06:12:41 +0000 2014
@SharnaPax So do I!! In fact, I’m sick of hearing them in every song anyone sings. Thu Oct 16 03:40:32 +0000 2014
RT @shawnetuma: Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules http://t.co/BdphamzO7z Thu Oct 16 03:30:50 +0000 2014
@Kateplusmy8 So, now you’re grifting for someone to build you a covered tunnel from the house to the driveway? You’re NOT QE2. Thu Oct 16 03:29:24 +0000 2014
RT @SharnaPax: God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner are NOT love songs, they are not spirituals, they are anthems. Learn what a w… Thu Oct 16 03:27:51 +0000 2014
@AlfredoCocozza If hypocrisy could kill.. Thu Oct 16 02:29:05 +0000 2014
@mscatie @TwitTartwif @ConcernedChick Kate Gosselin twin separated at birth? http://t.co/YOmlcm4XQv Thu Oct 16 02:28:14 +0000 2014

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